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Pipeline Construction

TransGas Bayhurst to Rosetown SK




Pipeline Construction


Oct 2014 - Apr 2014


Bayhurst, SK

Project Highlights

In May of 2014 M&N mobilized to Bayhurst SK. to support TransGas (SaskEnergy) with the construction and installation of 132 km of NPS 16, Gr. 359 Cat II carbon steel pipeline. The project required M&N to oversee the support and installation of over 95 Horizontal Directional Drills/Bores ranging in length from 50 to 450 meters.

The project travelled through various environmentally sensitive features requiring minimal disturbance and reduce topsoil stripping operations resulting in minimal environmental impact along the ROW. The project seen a peak crew size of 200 workers with a single spread layout. Various club root cleaning stations were implemented to reduce the spread of invasive weeds.

Key Project Criteria

Soil Conditions: From sand to gravel seams to bedrock and saturated wet soils. All types of soils and saturations levels were experienced during pipeline construction.

Weather Delays: Through the summer months over 45 weather delay days were experienced. M&N managed to bring the project back onto schedule ensuring project completion was maintained as per original scope of work requirements.

Ditching Operations: With the designed tandem trench wheel ditching operation M&N managed 3-4 km worth of ditch construction, pipeline lowering in and backfilling operations daily.

Environmental Impact: The ROW traversed through various crop lands, recreational sites, highways and road systems. Wildlife and Environmental features were protected with re routing and mitigations being installed prior to construction progressing.

Historical Importance

The project is located within the Lands of Treaty 6. Treaty 6 was signed by Crown representatives and Cree, Assiniboine and Ojibwa leaders on 23 August 1876 at Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan and on 9 September 1876 at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan.

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