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Pipeline Construction

Net Zero Connector Spread 5B - Wolf Midstream


Wolf Midstream


Pipeline Construction


November 2022 to February 2023


Central Alberta

Project Summary

The project entailed the new construction with trenched installation of 11,022 meters worth of NPS 12, Gr.448 CAT II, 7.5mm thick FBE coated pipe and an additional 2,761 meters of pipeline was installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) at thirteen separate locations.  In total the full work scope entailed the installation of 13,782 meters of pipeline installed within a designated Right-of-Way, traversing through 23 different ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) land parcels with 2 railroad crossings, 7 road crossings and 29 underground line crossings.

Project Highlights

ROW Terrain – The ROW traversed 23 different tracts of land East of Blackfalds, Alberta.  The project ROW began at the Dow Prentiss Plant and it traversed Northeast towards Clive, Alberta.


Soil Conditions – The soil condition was primarily topsoil with silty sand and clay underneath.  Additionally,

Mudstone and Sandstone Bedrock was encountered at depths of 15 to 20 meters during drilling operations on two of the trenchless crossings.


Riparian Areas – The ROW traversed through a total of 25 different watercourses and drainages where Riparian Management Areas (15m setbacks) were established and maintained during construction operations on either side.  Access matting and geofabric materials were utilized as a separation and protective barrier to ensure deleterious substances did not make their way into the sensitive environmental features while reducing compaction and damage to existing vegetation.


Project Safety – M&N’s workforce and sub contractors managed to maintain a safe and effective working environment with 56,508 hours worked with zero incidents or injuries.


Environmental Protection – Prior to starting work on the project, all equipment was pressure washed and cleaned with a bleach solution to eliminate the risk of introducing and spreading any unwanted weeds or plant diseases.  M&N managed to accomplish the installation of the pipeline segment with zero environmental infractions / non-conformances and zero regulatory warnings.

New Technologies Utilized

TerraLam Matting – TerraLam matting is lighter, more durable and lasts longer allowing for reduced costing and cheaper mob expenses.

Project Scope

  • Prime Contractor

  • Pipeline Construction: Stringing, Bending, Welding, External (FBE) Coating

  • Pipeline Installation: Trenched & Trenchless Installation

  • Additional Scopes: Line Sweeps, First Calls, Hydrotesting, Drying, Sand Padding, Rock Shield Installation

  • Sub Contractor Support Scopes (Supplied by M&N): Line Sweep Contractor, Hydrovac Sub Contractor, Mulching Contractor, Trenchless (HDD) Sub Contractor

Project Accomplishments

  • Completed on Budget

  • Completed with zero safety incidents/injuries

  • Completed with zero environmental infractions/incidents/non-conformances

M&N Energy Services Motto

“Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.”