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Pipeline Construction

Grand Forks Trail – 273mm Pipeline Replacement Project


Fortis BC


Pipeline Construction


July 2021 to October 2021


Grand Forks, BC

Project Scope

  • Prime Contractor

  • Pipeline Construction: Stringing, Bending, Welding, External (FBE) Coating

  • Pipeline Installation: Trenched & Trenchless Installation

  • Additional Scopes: Line Sweeps, First Calls, Hydrotesting, Drying, Fire Risk Management, Dust Control, Sand Padding, Rock Shield Installation, Scar-Guard Installation

  • Sub Contractor Support Scopes (Supplied by M&N): NDE (RT) Subcontractor, Trenchless (HDD) Sub Contractor, Construction Survey Sub Contractor, Hydrovac Sub Contractor

Project Accomplishments

  • Completed on Schedule

  • Completed on Budget

  • Completed with zero safety incidents/injuries

  • Completed with zero environmental infractions/incidents/non-conformances

Project Highlights

The project entailed the new construction and trenched installation of 4717 meters worth of NPS 10, Gr.359, 6.4mm thick FBE coated pipe and an additional 469 meters of pipeline was constructed, pre-hydrotested and installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) underneath the Kettle River at two separate locations.

In total the full work scope entailed the installation of 5186 meters of pipeline installed within a designated Right-of-Way, traversing through 36 different ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) land parcels, 2 river crossings (S1), 10 residential yards, 7 residential roads, and various driveways while paralleling within 3 meters of an existing, buried pipeline system.

Key Project Criteria

Soil Conditions: Soils were extremely sandy with heavy amounts of cobblestone present. Additionally, a gravel seam was encountered at approximately 1.8m depth.

ROW Terrain: The project ROW began within the Almond Gardens neighbourhood of Grand Forks (located just south of the Airport) and traversed East through the community of Nursery
(Similkameen Division Yale Land District of BC).

Fire Hazard Delays: During construction over 3 weeks of delays were experienced due to extremely high fire danger ratings, caused by a record-breaking heatwave which overtook the area.

Environmental Impact: The project route traversed through various ALR land parcels, 400 meters worth of Riparian Area and two S1- River crossings.

Historical Importance

The project traversed through the lands of the Sylix Okanagan Peoples which is comprised of seven member communities: Okanagan Indian Band, Osoyoos Indian Band, Penticton Indian Band, Upper Nicola Band, Upper and Lower Similkameen Indian Bands, and Westbank First Nation; and in Northern Washingoton State, the Colville Confederated Tribes.

New Technologies Utilized

Scar-Guard – Scar-Guard was installed along the full length of the HDD sections (prior to installation) to act as a sacrificial layer while protecting the external ARO coating of the drag section.

TerraLam Matting – TerraLam matting is lighter, more durable and lasts longer allowing for reduced costing and cheaper mob expenses

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